The Art of squirting...

teaching you how to train your body to experience euphoric bliss Through squirting

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Limited spots Available...

About Our Event

Experience Pleasure unlike never before!

Create Powerful Orgasms

Learn the "Gripping Technique"

Get ready to have your mind blown

Don't worry if you are shy...A lot of us are!

That's why I go above and beyond to create a comfortable environment so that you can learn what you came for.

Now Let's Get to Squirting!

Ladies, do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines hearing about squirting but having no idea how to experience it? 

Do you find yourself not being able to get out of your head so you can’t climax? 

Do you find yourself holding back because you think you are going to pee on yourself?

Are you unable to squirt consistently?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, you will not want to miss this 2 Hour Workshop teaching you how to train your body to squirt every single time!

Come and learn all the tips, tricks and techniques needed to not only squirt once but to squirt consistently leaving you satisfied yet yearning for more!

And NO! It is not peeing…if it was wouldn’t more people be doing it? 

Book your ticket now to ensure you do not miss out!!!!

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Time to perform!

In this 2 hour virtual workshop you will learn:

-How to Get out of your Head and Into Your Body

-How to Grip and When So You Can Experience Powerful WET Orgasms

-How to Let Yourself Go

-How to Train Your Body to Consistently Squirt From Vaginal Penetration and other Stimulation

-Plus more…

frequently asked questionS

Don't fret! The workshop will be recorded and yours to keep. If you are unable to make it, you can watch the replay at your convenience.

That pricing is discounted for a select amount of time. Unfortunately I am unable to change it. 

Nope! All you need is yourself, a quiet space (without distractions) and an open mind.  

A notebook and pen is highly recommended but not required.

That's great to hear! And YES!!! You most certainly will get something from this workshop. It is designed to help you take your sex life to the next level. You will learn new techniques that will allow you to go BEYOND what you thought was possible!

I am happy you are stepping outside of your comfort zone and open to considering attending! I keep my workshops to a limited amount of spots because I like to keep it nice and intimate. You will have the capability to participate at your comfort level. It is a safe and sacred space!

hurry... Limited Spots available !

Last time our tickets sold fast so don’t miss this opportunity. It is a limited amount of spots available to keep the setting nice and intimate!